Why Hunt Big Sales

Double Your Sales

Taking into consideration your specific culture and market, we install a proven process into your organization for landing big sales. Results have proven using our tools, templates, and bespoke sales coaching doubles sales. Both in scalability and continuity.

We use a stage-gate process. That means you don’t move forward in the sales process until you have completed the stages. If you skip a stage in the process, you drop you chance of winning with each skipped stage.

Sales processes that land big sales require 3 Ms: Mindset, Mechanics and Magic. You have to want and believe you can land big sales. You have a process for each of the people on the hunt for the big sale to know what they are supposed to do and when. Magic is the connection of what your company does with the problem the prospect has.

Hunt Big Sales (HBS) is a high touch sales consultancy that helps mid-market companies land big sales, increase profitability, business value and overall performance. By focusing on fewer—but bigger—sales opportunities, our clients experience exponential revenue growth, which helps take their businesses to the next level and elevate who they are to the market.

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