About HBS

We Accelerate Your Revenue Growth

If you’ve already tried reorganizing sales teams, redirecting leadership, and replacing CRM systems but aren’t seeing results, it’s time to change up your strategy so you can Hunt Big Sales. We offer businesses practical, pragmatic, and proven results with customized planning.

If you are an entrepreneurial CEO, LOB leader, or sales director of a mid-market company and are unsatisfied with your growth rate, we invite you to double your double: with Hunt Big Sales, you will double your sales, double your closing speed, and double your company size.

Our proven proprietary process has worked for over 100 companies and has yielded over $22 billion in incremental sales growth. Our singular focus on making not just the biggest deals but the ones that are strategically wise and accomplishable impacts your revenue growth, doubling it and bringing greater prominence to your brand.

We have an outcome- and investment-based, rather than activity-based, approach. Our tested work is not a one-off transaction; it is about building a solution for the entire company. We teach a company to fish, offering bespoke sales coaching programs and research-backed data that clearly show and make legible today’s cutting-edge sales techniques. This means we offer the tools needed to succeed, and teach you how to best utilize them.

While other sales consulting companies will linger long after the job is done, dangling a carrot and always offering slightly varied information that does not build what was previously taught. Not us: we give you the precise tools needed because an independent company is a strong company. We want you to succeed, and that means sharing one-on-one sales coaching, getting you to close the sale, and then monitoring your continued success before we step away. We want to teach you how to fish–big fish, not minnows. And keep fishing successfully–long after we are gone.

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