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Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions

Work under the tutelage of one of today’s best sales consulting firms!

What sets Hunt Big Sales apart is that we do not do the work for you—we give you the tools so you know how to make big sales and can be an independent, sustainable, and successful company. HBS University offers a diverse array of media that teach strategic sales processes, coaching salespeople into sales champions. With hours of content and an emphasis on sales strategy consulting, HBS University comes with a host of offerings and benefits, helping companies:

Create a Shared Language

Employees come from different schools, backgrounds, and experiences. This diversity is a strength, but there also needs to be institutional cohesion. HBS teaches executive messaging to standardize a sales process and engender a shared growth strategy.

Increase Average Deal Size

Evolve your company by increasing deal sizes and laddering up to reach new executive buyers. Learn how to overcome objections, improve sales leadership, and go after the right sales that are within reach while propelling your business forward.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Gain valuable sales tools that quicken the period between pitch and close, allowing you to more steadily take on clients and grow your company from within.

Strengthen Key Account Sales Managers’ Skills

Coaching a sales team is a pivotal role, and the manager in charge can make or break a team’s techniques, ethics, and productivity. HBS University sets these managers up for success by giving them the leadership, sales, and interpersonal skills needed to help everyone thrive.

Hunt Big Sales University

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The below are 2 multiple choice questions that will help us help you determine the most appropriate and effective courses for you and your staff to select. By starting with your answers about your key objectives and priorities, we can recommend the right solution.

What are your top 3 objectives?
What are your top 3 areas of focus for sales coaching?
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