Sales Acceleration

Organizational Deal Acceleration

We’re Profit Builders Demonstrating How to Close a Sale More Quickly

This completely bespoke, high-level and high-touch deal coaching is provided by our founder Tom Searcy and/or president Carajane Searcy Moore.

This engagement is meant to assist the C-suite and sales leadership coaching through the step-by-step process of big sale hunting. This is a real-time, real-world effort guided by the client’s individual situation. The outcome of this acceleration is to help your organization experience the ins and outs of every successful big sale process, providing a template of strategic selling skills that can be modified for the project at hand. We provide constant strategies, coaching, and feedback so your team knows exactly what to do for the future when landing big sales.

It’s Time To

Who Is This For?

Our detailed and effective work is for any business looking to double their sales, closing speed, and company growth. We are a fast-growth consultancy, getting companies up to speed to sell and close most efficiently.

This is for the CEO who does not have three years to turn the company around, but if you have a fraction of that time to make an impact on sales, profitability, or valuation bring us in as the SWAT team you need to make it happen. We do not trade time for money; we understand the chief revenue of sales and provide strategic value that can change the course of a company’s business.

True Investment:
How Our Success is Tied to Yours

We sometimes work on a combination of investment fees and a small percentage of the overall deal, depending on the potential ROI. Through this, we show that we are only as successful as our clients, and as such, our leadership sales coaching and methods of business growth continue to be tried and true to help our clients, and our company, flourish.

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