Weekly Tip: What’s the scariest professional risk you have taken lately?

Are you playing it safe? Phoning it in? Trying not lose more than you are trying to win? When you stop pushing, testing and challenging yourself, you risk a backward slide that could be permanent. It becomes permanent for the same reason they tell a thrown rider to get back on the horse. This past few weeks have included a number of stories I have heard that showed the kind of risk-taking I am talking about:

    • An owner told a prospect that they had 30 days to buy or she would take the solution to the prospect’s competitor and give that competitor the market advantage. The prospect walked and their competitor is about to be market-taker.
  • A sales rep called the CEO office of a Fortune 50 company, cold, to get an appointment…and got it.
  • A company fired a client that represented over 10% of their revenue because of unreasonable demands. The client backed down and re-signed under favorable terms.
  • Three companies landed their biggest deals ever – 8-figure deals, setting a new watermark for what is going to be possible for their future.

What is your big risk for this week? Month? Year? Are you pushing the limits of what you think is possible, or are you staying in your comfort zone? Growth happens past the limit of what you thought was possible. Grow.

For more on how to fight your fears, gain your prospects’ trust and much, much more check out my video interview with Ago here.