Weekly Tip: Why Relationships Don’t Matter in Sales

“Sales is always about relationships, it’s just never only about relationships….”

I’ve probably said that statement 1000 times. It’s only true, however, if you use relationships as a synonym for TRUST. There are people with whom I have long relationships but whom I would not count on to pick me up from the airport. If you want better sales relationships, work on your trustworthiness.

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Of course you are trustworthy…but are you IMPECCABLE?

  • Responds as promised in content and timing
  • Appointments prepared for, attended with necessary resources, on time
  • Follow up documents are complete, not requiring additional clarifications
  • Promises made are kept as made

Impeccable is the right descriptor. Close is not impeccable. “As much as I can…” is not impeccable. It is an unyielding standard to which to hold yourself. The bad news is that it is the only standard that matters. The good news is that you will distinguish yourself from all others as the national standard seems to be dropping.