Weekly Tip: Never Hunt When You Are Hungry

There’s an old adage that children and animals can both smell fear. I think it is every bit as true for buyers. When you show up to a sales call or client meeting and you “need the sale” you are already half DOA. You have to get your head right before you enter the conversation so that you are sending out the right messages both consciously and unconsciously.

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  • Focus on solving their problem, not selling. It’s about their issues, not your product or service.
  • Remember, they are qualifying to do business with you, not the other way around. Come with questions and make certain to get them answered.
  • Lead the process, don’t follow. This means letting the buyer know what happens next in yourprocess of evaluating their needs, establishing a working proposal and doing business together, not asking “What are the next steps?”

It is okay to want the business. Wanting shows up in your curiosity and creativity. Wanting shows up as you explore the how’s and what’s of a working relationship. Those are appropriate and the meeting would feel flat without that energy. Just don’t NEED it.