Weekly Tip: Are You Overthinking Things?

Often times highly analytical people and companies over think data and decisions when what is needed is less speculation and more action. In the world of big sales, I am surprised at the frequency a hunt team will debate the meaning of a call or email instead of calling and asking. You are at risk if:

  • You have had two or more internal meetings on a stuck prospect and still don’t have a course of action
  • Sales leader has sent team members back more than once for key information
  • You are in an “if-then” conditional scenario discussion trying to plan your next move
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1.   If it walks like a duck… – My biggest troubles have come when I did not listen to my intuition. Listen to your gut.

2.   Information is the coin of the realm – Figure out the single thing you need to know to move one step forward. You are not getting everything you need for a final decision, so get one thing more to at least make progress.

3.   Connect with someoneor someone else – Chances are you have tapped your Executive Sponsor. Have you tapped anyone else? If you don’t get new information, you will re-chew old data and make no progress.

Strategy can only take you so far…eventually you have to act.