Instant Gratification

I was on a radio show last week, (“Business of Life” out in Ventura, California with Coach Ron Tinnick, 1400AM*), and I got a question that I hate:

“Give me three quick ways to immediately land bigger sales…”

Anyone who knows me knows that short-form answers are not my strength; I’m usually a bit expansive. Although my answer was OK, and I was able to deliver it at machine-gun pace, I realized I need a better set of short-form answers for these types of questions. Here are the ones I’ve created for the next time I’m asked this question…

1. Hunt less. Cut your prospects back by at least 60%. Hunting big is about hunting less, and targeting bigger prospects—those that are 10 to 20 times bigger than your average account.

2. Get the bigger table. Big sales are bought by a group of people inside of a company, not just one person. Ask for the other people to participate earlier in the process and you won’t have to overcome as much resistance later.

3. Focus on their fears. Small purchases are made based upon pain and advantages only. Big sales are made upon comfort that the purchase is going to work and there won’t be problems later.

I would love to add your answers to the same question to my artillery. So, “what are three quick ways to immediately land bigger sales?”


*The interview will be up in the news & press section of our site later this week.