How do Quota-Crushing Sales Teams Land Their Biggest Deals?

Sales superstars aren’t luckier or smarter than you. Instead, they have a system that allows them to win bigger deals more often with bigger companies, regardless of the competitor.

I want to invite my readers to a free webinar I’m putting on Thursday, June 30th at 11:00a.m. EST. During the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

-Change your message to get bigger companies to buy bigger solutions

-Move prospects from interest to decision in a complex sales process

-Find the real decision makers and turn them into “sponsors”

-ID and get rid of “black hole prospects”

We’re also going to give you the five keys to building your own system, a “Big Sale Factory” to help you produce quota-crushing results.

This webinar is a great extension of the things I’ve written about here and over at BNet, and it’s a chance to start moving your company to the next level.

Register for the webinar here: