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For Sales Operations Managers

Factory Tools

The Big Sale Factory™ system provides the language, process, system, templates, tools and expectations for you and your sales team to work together to be successful in landing deals. This system provides a clean pipeline with leading and lagging indicators. It defines the ideal opportunities to be hunting using our Target Filter, whom you should be talking to, and the types of problems you solve. You know in today’s market to sell the bigger deals it takes more than just the salespeople, so it establishes the roles and responsibilities for each person. In addition, there is a template to organize all the information for each opportunity, the deal strategy, and the multi-touch communication to ensure you are perceived as a coordinated team. All of these tools work in conjunction with a defined stage-gate sales process that is measurable and manageable.

Hunt Big Sales did an excellent job taking their model and process and tailoring it to the needs of our business. Overall, the Hunt Big Sales process, approach and tools have drastically changed our entire organization’s sales culture and performance.

― Chad Miller, President, LockNet

Our work with the HBS team taught us how to work with new prospects effectively. Within three months of working with the HBS team and following the methodology, we landed a transformational account.

― Tom Marianacci, President/CEO, ConvergeDirect

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