Hunt Big Sales

For Key Account Managers

Factory Tools

This system provides you with the language to:

  • Shift the lens from what won the original sale to what other problems you can solve
  • Reach higher into the organization or over into other areas
  • Capture and share the relevant customer information across your internal team with templates
  • Build a trigger map to the bigger buys in your client and a dashboard with leading and lagging indicators

Hunting Skills

In The Big Sale Factory™ system, you will learn:

  • The language of problems and money for each level of an organization
  • How to conduct and manage executive meetings
  • How to find the executive buyer and gain their interest
  • How to find the resister to your solution and mitigate their issue
  • How to ask the hard questions to obtain the information no-one else has and lastly how to close

Hunt Big Sales did an excellent job taking their model and process and tailoring it to the needs of our business. Overall, the Hunt Big Sales process, approach and tools have drastically changed our entire organization’s sales culture and performance.

― Chad Miller, President, LockNet

Our work with the HBS team taught us how to work with new prospects effectively. Within three months of working with the HBS team and following the methodology, we landed a transformational account.

― Tom Marianacci, President/CEO, ConvergeDirect

Let's Land More Big Sales.