The follow-up loop is hell.

You know what I mean —the chase for an answer…even sometimes just contact. In a big sale when you lose connection or forward motion you can feel helpless.

Here’s what you know:

  • Your request is not the biggest fire burning in your buyer’s life.
  • Pushing you off has no perceived penalty compared to others he’s not pushing off and from whom he perceives a penalty, like a customer or his boss.
  • You can’t move until your buyer moves, a perpetual stalemate unless you can break it.
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  1. Up front – Determine the penalty for not changing so you have an understanding of the real urgency. Bring the penalty into the messaging if you lose traction or contact.
  2. Get context – Know all of the fires your buyer has burning so you understand what will get in the way of making this decision. By getting that information, you can determine when to push and when to wait.
  3. Establish back-up – Early in the sales process, as you are establishing the Buyers’ Table, determine if there is someone who you should connect with if your decision-maker goes quiet.

Buyers go quiet which is annoying, but it is not always terminal. Set some back up plans and routes early in case you lose traction later.

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