Is it time to go back to some broken relationships?

Lots of business relationships end. Customer-vendor, business partners, alliance and channel relationships…they often run their course and they end. Some end ugly.

Time does heal many things because the people, circumstances, challenges and experiences change. After the earth has made a couple more loops around the sun, it may be time to go back to some former customers or partners and see what has changed.

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Keep in mind:

1)   Personal integrity – In circumstances of gypsies, tramps and thieves it is highly unlikely that those people’s personal integrity has gotten better. I encourage you to check and see if the people have changed if your exit was based upon someone’s poor integrity. Don’t forget the mirror. Maybe someone in your organization was the villain. Are they still around?

2)   Go in curious – Ask what has happened in the past months, years and so on as it regards their business. What have they learned and what has changed. Don’t ask for business until you understand if they have learned anything that will give them new perspective.

3)   Go in open – Be willing to enumerate what has changed and what you have learned in the past cycles that have given you new perspective.

If you can go back to some of your old customers and partners and determine what has changed, it is possible to find new business opportunities that make sense.

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