In your life, you are an active and regular adviser to other people. Those people could be family, friends, co-workers, your boss or acquaintances. It’s fulfilling to provide advice and insight and you like to do it.

If you are honest with yourself, often times your advice is no more than holding up the mirror of reality and common sense to the other person giving that person the chance to see their circumstances factually rather than emotionally.

I challenge you to consider yourself as one of your best advisers, but you are not using the objective perspective and that’s why you don’t follow the good advice you give to others.

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1.)   Identify what current outcome you don’t like – Is it a sales approach that is not working, a co-worker you can’t get along with, an account that looks like they are leaving to go to another company or something else. You can’t give good advice without clarity, get clarity.

2.)   List what you have tried – You’re smart and you have tried to change things, but what have you tried? Did any of it work, even just a little bit? Get that all down on paper.

3.)   What’s left? – Now you can connect the dots of what you want, what you have tried, and what you have not tried to come up with a strategy.

You are a great adviser to others, now be one to yourself. The list I gave of what to do probably is similar to what you do with others – so follow it and help yourself.

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