I have heard that “culture trumps strategy every day.” I would tell you that momentum trumps all- including in landing large accounts. Athletes can feel the almost supernatural shift of momentum in a game. It is not just for athletic competitions. You can feel it in your interactions with prospects and customers. Have you lost momentum in an account? A few telltale signs:

  • Response time – If their response to calls and emails is lengthening
  • Talk time – If the calls are shortening and the interchange is transactional
  • Depth of discussion – If all you are discussing is surface level with no real depth
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Momentum is a relative value, so you need to compare how things are now to how they were. If you are not happy with the results, here are some fast fixes:

  • Meet – If email and calls are not getting the speed or quality of connection, it may be time for a face to face meeting to tighten things up.
  • Give a Reason to Engage – Maybe you are not creating a reason for a higher level of involvement or faster response time. Create a trigger based upon value, information or urgency for them to change their behavior.
  • Ask – Sounds simple because it is. Ask, “It seems that we are losing some momentum and urgency on this project/deal, has something changed that I don’t know about?”

More often than not, time is not on our side. If it is not, you have to take it back by getting the momentum on your side.

Have you recently lost momentum on a deal? Check out my blog, “The Many Reasons That Deals Get Stuck” for why your deals are getting stuck and how to unstick them.
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