“We’re not the lowest price…” is often the answer sales people offer to prospects when discussing their pricing in comparison to the marketplace. Positioning the product or service in the middle of the herd seems smart- not the cheapest so it’s not a price-only offer, not the priciest so as to not be thrown out of consideration too early. Which means you are neither fish nor fowl and have become such a commodity that you aren’t even distinguished by lowest price!

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Try something else – be the most expensive and proud of it.

  • Rolex doesn’t apologize
  • Mercedes doesn’t discount
  • Snap-On is the epitome for its customers

Is there a way to become so exceptional that your high price is a source of pride in the conversation, not embarrassment? Of course, the challenge is to be that good. It’s not about luxury, or image alone. It’s about being the clear best at the top end for the top customers. Your challenge is to define an offering so good and a market segment so clearly that price is not an issue. Take the challenge and see if it changes the way you think about all of your market offerings.

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