There are entire books and seminars devoted to writing an effective elevator speech. This is the mythical compelling summary of your company’s value articulated in the period of time it takes to ride an elevator with a prospect from some high floor to the ground floor. The outcome of the elevator ride is a deeply interested prospect who is begging for an appointment and handing you his or her business card.

I like short and compelling – but instead of focusing on what you do, market you serve or service you provide, start with what problem you solve.


What is the unique problem that you solve in the marketplace and for whom do you solve it? I know “it depends” – but do the work and answer this question, it’s important. What is the problem that you solveGood answers include:

  • “We help companies double the speed that they double their revenues.”
  • “Multi-generation businesses hire us to facilitate profitable and sustainable transition from the current generation to the next generation.”
  • “Companies who need to trim at least 5 business days out of their delivery cycle hire us.”
  • “Top 50 chemical producers hire us to fix and manage distribution, formulation and application development to their end customers.”

The point is the focus – you are focusing on the problem you solve, not the service you offer.

For an even deeper dive on your company’s messaging and the problem you solve, check out one of my blogs on incorporating the “why.”

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