What if I told you that there are no villains, idiots or jerks in the world? (First, I’d be lying, so we can stop there…). Let me try again…

How about the idea that there are not nearly as many of those negative players as you think, but there are a lot of people who “don’t get it.” Part of this comes from YOUR assumptions. Let me give you three killer assumptions that may be damaging you:

  • Your customer knows all you offer
  • Your boss knows all your career aspirations
  • Your company understands your contribution

For you to grow your company, customers and career, you must get clarity between you and the other side of the conversation on these three assumptions.


  1. Ask – Sounds simple. So try it. Ask the appropriate person the question and find out what that person or company knows.
  2. Clarify – If they are wrong or incomplete, don’t argue, explain.
  3. Get agreement – Once you have explained, make certain that they understand by asking them to tell you what they heard.
  4. Change – Now ask this question, “Now that we both have the same understanding, what do you think will change for us in the future?
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