Rule 2: Always wear gloves at a crime scene

Rule 18: It’s better to ask forgiveness than ask permission

Rule 27: There are two ways to follow; 1. They never notice you; 2. They only notice you.

I am obsessed with NCIS right now. As a part of this top 10 show, the main character Gibbs has a list of rules by which he lives and coaches his team. Some rules are not applicable for sales teams, like Rule 9: Never Go Anywhere Without a Knife, or Rule 40: If It Seems Like Someone’s Out to Get You, They Are.


However, it made me think that there are some great maxims and rules for hunting. Gibbs already had some of them:

Gibbs Rules that work:

Rule 3: Never be unreachable

Rule 8: Never take anything for granted

Rule 15: Always work as a team

Rule 39: There is no such thing as a coincidence

Rule 45: Clean up your mess

Of course, there are some that need to be added-

Tom’s Rules for Hunting Big Sales:

  • Feed your horses
  • Never, ever beg
  • Manage expectations on all sides
  • Every deal has an eel
  • Always roadmap change for the stakeholders
  • Big sales are about big problems
  • Get everyone’s fingerprints on the weapon before you hunt

This is an all play… I’ll take any additional recommendations that you have to add, just post them up here.

By the way, don’t forget Gibbs’ Rule 51: Sometimes you’re wrong.

* There is now an app on iPhone for Gibbs Rules called “NCIS: Gibbs Rules.” It’s free and fun.

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