Ever since i called my marketing partner a “nag” in my post about Twitter a couple weeks ago, she’s been wearing the name around like a badge of honor. I always worry about people who mistake insults as compliments (I kid!), but I guess if you knew her you’d understand.  She lives for this stuff…

So, as these things go, she’s now gone off and created a cartoon character of herself and even given herself an official title within the company (I wish I was kidding). If you didn’t already receive her newsletter this morning (yes, her newsletter), you can find her official announcement below. One good thing I CAN say about her new persona is that it, I mean, she,  will now be doing all of the dirty work that I can’t bear to do myself. Workshop promotions, telling you how great I am, bragging about things that don’t need to be bragged about…that’s all her department now.

So, without further ado, The Marketing Nag has a “very important” announcement to make…

Tom Searcy’s Marketing Nag here. Since I don’t suffer from the humility bug like Tom and the rest of the team, I’ve been promoted to Chief Shameless Officer (CSO) here at Hunt Big Sales. As part of my work as CSO, I’ll be writing you from time to time to tell you about the great stuff we’ve got going on here…or simply to brag about something that would cause Tom to break out in hives at the mere thought of mentioning himself. Where I come from, there’s nothing better than a little self-promotion, but hey, to each his own.

Anyway, enough about me; this month I come bearing news of Tom’s June 25th workshop, aptly titled “How to Land Big Sales.” To those who aren’t familiar with Tom’s workshops, this one-day event contains the same tools that were responsible for $171M in sales for Tom’s clients in Q1 2009 — that’s right, $171 million during the recession — and $2.6 Billion over his career. Seriously, it’s just one day (and not a bad excuse to get out of the office either).

The way I see it, if a loud mouth, know-it-all like me can learn something, so can you. Now, be a dear and check out the How to Land Big Sales workshop. And if you can’t make it on the 25th, no problem: we’ve got a full schedule of workshops into 2010.  Anymore excuses? Try me! I could do this all day…

Now, let’s nag hunt!

— The Marketing Nag
CSO, Hunt Big Sales
[email protected]

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