The inspiration for this post came from NPR’s “Only a Game”. While I was listening to the program that covers “sports for the rest of us,” it struck me that Hunt Big Sales should create its own set of Olympic events for large account selling. Now, these events may not be as compelling as the “competitive bird watching” or “Winnebego Backwards Blindfolded Obstacle Course Driving” that “Only a Game” covers, but since sales people are competitive by nature, I thought we would all have a good time.

A few guiding principles as we consider the proposed events:

    1. Large account selling is a team activity. There are no solo events.


    1. No commissions will be paid to winning teams, but you may receive a title-only promotion at your company.


    1. It is assumed that all events will take the form of some “real world” exercise. For this reason, food will need to be supplied by the contestants for themselves and the judges. Food points will be awarded and depending upon quality could make up as much as half of all points awarded.


    1. Neither alcohol nor caffeine will be considered “performance enhancing drugs.”


Now to the proposed events…

    • Listening Pentathlon


    • RFP Obstacle Course: Procurement Marathon


    • Pitch Presentation Gymnastics


    • PowerPoint Ballet: (classified as a “Dance” event)


    • Post-Presentation Triathlon


    • Connecting to anyone from the decision-maker team


    • Securing a clear declaration of win or loss


    • Price point boxing


    • Synchronized Deal Parachuting


The HBS Olympic Committee is just being formed, so there is time to submit your events for consideration. In fact, we would love to hear them. Also, as this will be the inaugural year, the Rules Committee has not yet developed complete descriptions for these events. Please feel free to submit any descriptions that you think may assist us in our process.

I look forward to all of your feedback!

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