Kevin Costner’s character Crash Davis in the movie Bull Durham was asked, “Just what do you believe in?”

Have you ever written that out for yourself? It’s a great exercise.

Let me tell you what I believe, at my core, about the whole idea of Hunt Big Sales

I believe…

  • That you can transform your life and your company through successfully selling large accounts- transformational accounts that are 10 – 20 times the size of your average sized account.
  • It takes transformational accounts to create explosive growth in a company.
  • Successfully selling transformational accounts follows a straight-forward process than can be taught and tailored to almost any company in the business to business sales arena.
  • Because this approach is a process rather than just magic, it can be measured, managed and improved upon.
  • That following this process gives small and mid-sized companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace over much larger competitors.
  • Small and mid-sized companies need this competitive advantage more than ever because the regulation, cost-structures and the establishment are giving more power to the bigger competitors every day and it is not going to get better any time soon.

That’s it. The core of it all. My strongest passion around all of this comes from the last belief on the list.

As I look at the governance requirements that are being installed for creating “fairness” in the buying processes, I see the lack of fairness that is actually occurring. Procurement, purchasing and RFP processes do not create fairness, they create safety based upon not making any decision or choice that could possibly go wrong. The default position because of this approach is to either go with the biggest brand, the cheapest price or stay with the incumbent who very probably meets one of those two criteria.

Where is the dialogue? The creativity? The collaborative process of accomplishing something remarkable?

Slowly, these things are being squeezed out of the larger deals in the marketplace in favor of group think, no mistake, do-what-we-have-always-done buying processes and review committees.

Let’s face it, as small to mid-sized businesses, our key advantages come from creativity, innovation and nimbleness. Our ability to tailor our solutions to the real needs of companies makes us a remarkable partner for big companies and we can transform their performance through our work together…If we get heard!

But, the front door to this opportunity too often has a bouncer at the velvet rope and small to mid-sized companies are not on the VIP list for entrance.

My belief is that a process approach creates the opportunity to be heard, the right audience who is prepared to hear and the right approach to delivering the message so that small to mid-size companies can win big sales and transform their companies as well as their clients’ companies.

This is what gets me up in the morning every day, keeps me on the road almost 100 nights out of the year and drives all that I write and speak on.

What drives you? What do you believe? Post it up here, because those of us who are hunting the big sales and fighting the big competitors in the marketplace need to talk to each other and keep fighting the good fight!

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