To successfully get to the next level – from $1M to $5M, for example, or from $5M to $10M, businesses must invest in technology, processes and staff. You can’t keep doing what you are doing and expect exponential growth. The same type of level-setting and infrastructure infusion is required for each subsequent jump to the next 1 or 5. This rule very much applies to big sales hunting. You can’t flip a switch and expect your current small account sales engine to simply adapt. It requires careful thinking and investment in time and resources.

Read our Point of View paper to find out more about why doubling your revenues requires big sales strategies:

Big Sales Strategies Tend to Have The Biggest Payoffs cover page
‘Big Sales’ Strategies Tend to Have the Biggest Payoffs
A sales strategy of going after big opportunities is nothing new. Companies of all sizes either strive for this level of business development success or they are already doing it. But what may seem novel is the notion that it really works!
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