If you spend much time with sales people there is always the scene-referencing-line-quoting-bad-impersonating portion of the conversation. Every conversation. Certain company cultures are rampant with it.  So, let’s embrace that part of our shared consciousness.

Your challenge:   what are the best sales movies ever?  Defining the rules:  I am looking for those movies that demonstrate great skills, strategies, ideas and personalities around sales. Major movies, minor movies, foreign films and YouTube entrants welcome (for YouTube, you must include the link). I am going to take a few obvious ones off of the table:

  • Glengary, Glen Ross – greatest sales manager speech ever
  • Tin Men – techniques and delivery
  • Cadillac Man – negotiation skills…under pressure
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles – airport scene selling shower rings
  • Boiler Room – prospecting, the shared human experience and struggle

We are looking for the less obvious, the unique and, yes, the bizarre choices that you think illustrate key elements of sales and the sales professional experience. Share your ideas here and we will post the 10 best up in a future newsletter.

Let’s see what you got…

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