We are led to believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the enemy of the future. Well, zombies come first, but then AI. Friendly at first, fortune tellers predict a turning to evil by AI as it evolves. Maybe. However, I believe that AI will be the best tool for selling since Zoom, PowerPoint, and open bars at trade shows. Professional salespeople will be faster, smarter, and more valuable to prospects and customers. In our most recent podcast episode of The Big Sale Illuminati, we discussed AI’s immediate value for salespeople.

Don’t Sell “No’s”

Using AI, you can review the possible prospects in your marketplace. You can whittle away those that do not meet the criteria you have set. Here’s a rough example of a set of entries into chatGPT. Remember, your question entries can build on your prior inquiries.

  • What companies within 200 miles of Chicago buy paint solvents?
  • Of the list of companies above, which companies have more than 100 employees?
  • Of the listed companies with more than 100 employees, how many are distributors of paint solvents?
  • Make a list of all of the companies who are not distributors with names, addresses, and phone numbers.

The list created can then be cross-referenced with your LinkedIn database. The chatGPT tool doesn’t provide a perfect list. However, within just a few moments, you have eliminated many of the prospects who are “no’s” for your sales efforts.

Be a Selling Genius in 4 Minutes or Less

Buyers are seeking experts who bring them solutions. They are not seeking new vendors to be more of what they are buying now. Buyers are avoiding vendor-swaps except when they force you in hell, also known as purchasing or RFPs. To be considered an expert, or even highly relevant, you must show up with compelling information. In 4 minutes, you can ask these questions on chatGPT. You will be relevant and may even sound like an expert.

  1. What are the 5 major trends in (fill in your prospect’s name) industry?
  2. What are the 5 major solutions used in the above industry to increase performance?
  3. Summarize the last 2 annual reports for (fill in your prospect’s name). (For public companies.)
  4. Who are the recognized experts in the industry above?

Ask these questions to an AI tool before a prospecting call, sales conversation, presentation, or proposal. These questions enhance the relevance of what you are selling. You are showing up a desired partner.

Always Have the Answer

Millions of pieces of data. Trend analysis to the billionth degree. Leverage for the astute salesperson. You want the best approaches? Feed the machine your documents, emails, and proposals. Then, ask the best questions to an AI tool:

  • Make the most compelling subject line for this email.
  • Provide an executive summary for this proposal.
  • Summarize this presentation.
  • Reduce the size of this presentation.
  • Optimize the SEO for this blog post.

It’s early for us, the sales leaders and sales professionals, in the world of AI. With just these insights, we are more efficient, effective, and engaging. The tool does not and will not replace the ability of a salesperson to provide discernment and experience. It just makes you faster, more informed, and earn more money.

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