My mom always taught me- “Never talk sex, politics or religion with people…until they’ve had their second drink.”

Everyone has become a consultant in this year’s election. Constantly asking one another their opinions. People want to know what I think of the candidates as a whale hunter… AS A WHALE HUNTER! Reeeeaaalllllyyy? From that vantage point, I honestly don’t have an opinion. But, I do think about their harpoons…

Harpoon: (n) [in the whalehunting metaphor]– 1. The idea or advantage that gets the attention of your prospect and is compelling enough to hold that attention through the entire sales process.

The two pairs of candidates have similarities–inexperience, old Beltway white guys, glass-ceiling breakers, and of course, the same harpoon: “Change…and we mean it more than they do!”

No wonder it’s been a couple of decades since we had a landslide election. But back to the point, I don’t necessarily want to debate this myself (I haven’t had my second drink yet). I’d like a little help here. Whatever the “harpoon” is that has gotten your attention and will keep it through the election? Obama-Biden or McCain-Palin? I’m interested in hearing which of their harpoons work for you.

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