Sales Leadership Development

The 3Ms Program

Program Overview

Sales leaders are usually former sales people that were exceptional at their job and as a result are promoted into a leadership position. Often, they are given systems to manage that they resisted when they were sales representatives, and then receive little training or development in how to use these systems to manage and maximize their sales team. This program is designed for companies implementing the HBS System who want to develop their sales leaders into better sales managers, coaches and executives.


Sales leaders participate in a year long program focused on increasing the productivity not only of them as leaders, but also of their entire sales organization in measurable performance. Through the training and coaching of the program, sales leaders will have:

  • Development plans for each sales team member
  • Structured approach for interviewing and selecting high-potential sales people.
  • Lead generation and management process for creating new contacts and making certain that prospecting efforts receive the attention of sales staff.
  • Clear time investment strategy and functional accountability for optimizing the sales leader’s and sales team’s time.
  • Forecasting and planning tools for annual and quarterly sales plans as well as re-calibration as business goals shift over the course of the year.
  • Rapid response strategies and execution to respond when the team is falling short of sales targets.
  • Coaching methodology for developing individual sales representatives to maximize their sales performance potential.

Who This was Designed For

Companies who work with HBS are tasked with growing their businesses rapidly – often as fast as doubling the revenue in less than three years. The executive team designs the overall sales process and develops the strategy, and the sales leaders carry out execution. This program was developed for that leader responsible for implementing the HBS strategy.

How it works


  • Sales Team Performance for year to date
  • Sales Projection for the year
  • Current Sales Pipeline

Training Events

The training events are used for delivering the tools, techniques and ideas that make up the program. In both events, attendees are able to develop and customize their own implementation approach and schedule to use with their sales team members. Two events are held during the year’s engagement. The two meetings are each two days in length with a group of no more than 15 sales executives in attendance in any one group. The events include the following components

  • Pre-work and preparation – Reading, data gathering, analysis of performance and other preparatory exercises are a part of preparing for each of the two sessions. This ensures that executives are ready for the program materials and are working with real scenarios and situations, not just theory.
  • Lecture and content – Each session will have presentations of core curriculum modules that are supplemental to the HBS process, but specific to the sales leader role in your company.
  • Workshop – The workshop portion of the sessions develops the plans for implementation as well as ensuring that it is customized to the unique circumstances of your company.
  • Best-practice exchange – By utilizing a group of senior sales leaders, there is the opportunity for an exchange of comparative ideas for solving common problems in sales leadership.
  • Open forum for core issue discussion – Time is allotted for the group to review new initiatives that have been identified in advance during the telephone coaching sessions as topics that would benefit from the group’s input

 Coaching – Each sales executive receives four, one-on-one coaching sessions by phone, scheduled throughout the year with an HBS 3Ms executive coach. These sessions focus on implementation of the core strategies and plans established during the meeting, as well as addressing challenges that are occurring in achieving sales forecasts.

 2015 Training Event Dates:

  • April 14-15 and October 21-22
  • June 24-25 and December 15-16