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Lorenza Pasetti, President
Volpi Foods


Jay Ethridge, President & CEO


Mark Kennedy, President
Crown Partners

The success our clients have experienced in large account selling speaks for itself. Explosive business growth is within reach for any company, no matter what size, but only when they are given the necessary tools to make it happen.

Hunt Big Sales did an excellent job taking their model and process and tailoring it to the needs of our business. With the knowledge and help of HBS we now have a defined sales process and measurement tools in place to consistently reach our revenue goals. Since engaging Hunt Big Sales in a sales coaching program and implementing your approach, we have accomplished the following:

  • Reduced our learning curve by half.
  • Doubled our revenue per month on same sales cost structure.

Overall, the Hunt Big Sales process, approach and tools have drastically changed our entire organization’s sales culture and performance. The high level of trust we quickly established with has resulted in a vital partnership and a proven pattern of success for our business.

Chad Miller
President, LockNet

The Hunt Big Sales methodology our company learned through Tom Searcy and his team was extremely impactful to our business. The HBS process enabled my company to synthesize our value proposition message in new business pitches. Most importantly, our work with the HBS team taught us how to work with new prospects effectively, asking and answering the important questions that will help impact their businesses for growth. Within three months of working with the HBS team and following Tom’s methodology we landed a large “whale” account. Tom and his organization are not just considered hired tutors by our organization, but will always be considered as part of our new business fabric.

Tom Marianacci
President/CEO, ConvergeDirect

Tom Searcy’s presentation at the 2013 Western Candy Conference was right on the mark. His insights were very powerful and relevant for smaller companies like ours as we try to compete in today’s complex environment. We will definitely consider tapping into his expertise.

Doug Simons
President, Enstrom Candies, Inc.

Your sessions were interactive and informational, and everyone was engaged. That in itself was extremely refreshing. I feel as if I came away with a new perspective and the tools needed to HUNT BIG! We WILL hunt and LAND WHALES… No question about it!

Joyce A. Saranathan
V.P. Sales & Marketing, Lipari Foods, Inc.

Many thanks for your presentation in Seattle! It was terrific and we will no doubt be talking about and implementing many of the smart ideas that you presented in the future! We will also be subscribing to your newsletter, ordering your book and in short, we drank your Kool-Aid! Great to meet you and thanks again!

Sharon Linhart
Managing Partner, APR

Every person in attendance indicated that [the Harpooner Workshop] was the best two-day training event they have ever attended. I will spare you all the specific accolades but needless to say, we hope to be able to continue a relationship with you and your whale hunting team.

Joe McWillians
Fastline Publications

Very insightful workshop. Tom is a compelling speaker who has a gift of communicating in such a way that both challenges you to think and understand the process of hunting big accounts. I would highly recommend this workshop to others. To speak or provide a reference to the value of this program would be a pleasure.

Anthony Stevens
National Director of Event Sales, Swank Audio Visual

I’d like to thank you for the instruction you delivered in “Your Biggest Deal Ever: Strategizing the Big Deal.” It was a great class. One of the key things that set it apart from other workshops was the application follow-up calls that forced me to do the work!

Diana Dobo

I had a paragraph of thanks but time is valuable. THANK YOU again for your time in Cincinnati. I’ve rewritten my ‘story’ and always ask (myself first) “Why am I here right now?” when seeing a customer. Especially valuable was understanding what motivates each level of management. Thanks!

Dana Bursk
Fusion Alliance

If you’re ready to land bigger deals than ever before, Hunt Big Sales’ live events will give you the tools you need.