Whale Hunting

How to Land Big Sales
and Transform your Company

Book by Tom Searcy and Barbara Weaver Smith

Whale Hunting - How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company

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What does a book about whales have to do with transforming your business?

If you’re new to hunting big sales, you need one key piece of information to set you on the path to a clear understanding of this metaphor:

A whale is a prospect 10 to 20 times larger than your average deal, typically with a company that is bigger than yours. Whale hunting is a matter of perspective — your company might not be small, but your prospects are relatively large, representing 5-7% (or more) of your annual revenue. Learning to sell and service whale-sized deals as a matter of routine rather than exception, will work to accelerate explosive growth.

Whale Hunting provides a clear nine-phase model1 for successfully finding, landing and harvesting whale-size accounts—the kinds of accounts that transform your business. With clear examples, explanations and tools, Whale Hunting turns the dangerous endeavor of selling large companies and big contracts into a strategy for success.

In Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company you will learn explicit, repeatable processes for:

  • Scouting: How to target your best prospects, research them, and get their attention.
  • Hunting: How to engage a cross-functional team of subject-matter experts throughout the process of selling and closing the deal.
  • Harvesting: How to deliver superior service to your new large account and set the stage for future business.

This proven process has resulted in over $2 billion in new sales for the authors and their clients, and it could work for your business as well.

Praise for Whale Hunting

Whale Hunting is required reading for anyone that is going after the big fish in a market. Engaging, practical, and well-organized, it is simply the best book on major account selling out there.

Keith R. McFarland
Author: The Breakthrough Company: How Everyday
Companies Become Extraordinary Performers

The Straight forward Whale Hunting system gives companies a roadmap for landing the elusive anchor accounts- the big accounts that let them get to the next level of people, services and revenue. Tom and Barbara have put the key principles together to learn how, with the power of the remarkable story of the Inuit whale hunt. This is an entrepreneur’s must read!

Dr. Tom Hill
Co-author: Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul

WHALE HUNTING . . . has a specific and well-defined purpose-to teach managers how to land really big accounts—and it delivers on that purpose in a clear, practical, convincing, and entertaining way. I can tell you that it not only maps well into the big-account sales process but it also makes for fascinating reading.

Dave Godes
Associate Professor
Business Administration Harvard University

Searcy and Smith introduce a 9 phase sales cycle to help small to mid-sized companies accelerate their growth by capturing a “whale.” Whale Hunting shows readers how to create this process and duplicate it again and again. A must-read for anyone who is trying to capture a whale of their own!

Cathy Langham
Langham Logistics

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We are pleased to offer you free tools that correspond to discussions and examples from the book Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform your Company.

Chapter 2: Signs of the Times

Chapter 3: Know the Whale

Chapter 4: Send Out The Scouts

Chapter 5: Set the Harpoon

Chapter 6: Ride the Whale

Chapter 7: Capture the Whale

Chapter 8: Sew the Mouth Shut

Chapter 10: Honor the Whale

Chapter 11: Celebrate the Whale