RFPs Suck!

How to Master the RFP System Once and for ALL to Win Big Business

Book by Tom Searcy

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It used to be that you could ignore RFPs. Only a small portion of the market used them in the buying process and you could work around those companies.

Today, governance rules dictated by boards and administered by finance have made RFPs and RFQs a dominating part of the large-deal world.

Not only can you no longer ignore them, but you need to know that companies use RFPs and increasingly purchasing and procurement — for many reasons that have little to do with the opportunity offered in the official document.

The result? We all have no choice but to go through the expensive and time-consuming process. And though you might like to believe the system is fair, if your company is pitching a disproportionately larger client, you’re at a disadvantage from the moment you begin the process.

Why? Because the RFP system is not built for you. It’s built for the big companies and government institutions that benefit from RFPs.

But, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, there will inevitably come a day when that irresistible RFP lands on your desk. You know, the one that is practically written for you.

This book is your best guide on:

  • What you need to know about RFPs
  • What to question during the RFP process
  • What you should do when faced with that irresistible RFP.
  • Knowing when to quit the process
  • Knowing when you should stay in it and win big.

Praise for RFPs Suck!

This book is a serious keeper. No fluff. No B.S. It’s stuffed (as in every pixel on every page) with pointers, recommendations, checklists and whatever else you may need to logically and objectively decide whether to respond to an RFP and, more importantly, how to respond to it. If you receive only a single, unsolicited RFP in your career, you need this book to guide you in deciding how to respond to it.

Dave Stein
CEO & Founder
ES Research Group, Inc.

An RFP can be a wonderful opportunity or a destructive waste of company resources. If you get involved with an RFP, make sure you are in it to win and you know what you are doing. RFPs Suck! will help you navigate the RFP world and give you the ammunition to make the best choices (from the start) to grow your business.

Joe Pulissi
Founder, Junta42
Co-Auther: Get Content, Get Customers

Reading this book should be the first step your team takes EVERY time you receive an RFP.”

Dan Kemper
President, Schur Packaging Systems, Inc.

One thing we are noticing with increasing conservatism among buyers is the growth in the use of RFPs. Searcy has created a short but very important guidebook around RFPs. He starts with how to qualify the RFPs to make sure it is worthwhile for you to pursue it. Then he leads you through every part of the RFP – where to slavishly follow the guidelines and where you can successfully stray. The last section looks at several failed RFP responses and where they fell down, to help you recognize how theory translates into practice. A very good addition to a marketplace that has relied so far on Tom Sant for good material. This is a must buy for every B2B sales person and sales leader.”

Reg Nordman
Founder, Rocket Builders