Bushido Business

The Fine Art of the Modern Professional

Book by Stephen Covey, Tom Hopkins, and Brian Tracy

As a featured interview in Bushido Business: The Fine Art of the Modern Professional, Tom Searcy tells his ideas on landing key accounts and how they can lead businesses to experience explosive business growth.

Bushido Business combines the business knowledge from those who exemplify and practice the concepts of the bushido code. Using this knowledge and bushido business code, the authors believe you can achieve the kind of success that is sought by most professions but are achieved by very few.

Some of the topics covered include: 

  • How does bushido apply to your business?
  • What is your most important bushido business message?
  • Some define bushido as way of the warrior, how do you grow your business as a warrior?
  • If I came to you and said I want to become an outstanding leader, where would you start?

These and many other questions brought interesting, thoughtful, and sometimes surprising answers. Get a new dimension and fresh insights to the meaning of success and how to achieve it, based on bushido principles.

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