Better Questions
for Bigger Sales

Seven-Part Video Training Series by Tom Searcy



Tom Searcy, Hunt Big Sales CEO presents “Better Questions for Bigger Sales,” a seven-part video training series designed to help companies ask the questions that get them the information they need to land deals that are 10-20 times larger than average.

When you want to hunt and land big deals, the key to your success lies in the information you can get. Many times we, as salespeople, concentrate on explaining all the virtues of our products or services. And that works just fine…for small sales. But if you want to move into the world of big deals, you have to change your approach and obtain information your competitors don’t have.

Better Questions for Bigger Sales includes:

  • A system for asking questions to provide you power, leverage and control in the sales process
  • Tips for how to set-up the tough questions to get the real answers
  • A list of over 100 Great Questions
  • Seven Video Training series with accompanying workbook

Purchase your copy today and start asking the better questions that lead you to bigger sales.