1% Difference Video Series

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1% Difference Video Series

Weekly Video Series by Tom Searcy

1% or less is often the difference between winning and losing.  Tom Searcy shares that extra 1% in short weekly videos that give you tips and strategies to make the difference between landing your next biggest deal or coming in second place.

Better Questions for Bigger Sales

Seven-Part Video Training Series by Tom Searcy

Better Questions for Bigger Sales video training program helps companies land large accounts by teaching you a system to gain more information than your competitor to win the deal.

How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett Seminar

Closing deals has gotten harder in the current economy, but it’s essential to growing your company. Many seasoned business owners know this, but are stymied by the roadblocks that have kept their customers from saying yes. In this seminar, Searcy will enable you to apply the strategies that helped Warren Buffet build legendary wealth to your own business


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RFPs Suck!

How to Master the RFP System Once and for All to Win Big Business

Book by Tom Searcy

The RFP system is not built for you. It’s built for big companies and government institutions that benefit from RFPs. But no matter how hard you try to avoid them, there will inevitably come a day when that irresistible RFP lands on your desk. This book is your best guide on what to know, to question and to do when that day comes.

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Whale Hunting

How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company

Book by Tom Searcy & Barbara Weaver Smith

Whale Hunting provides a clear, step-based model for successfully finding, landing and harvesting whale-size accounts — the kinds of accounts that can easily transform your business.

Bushido Business

The Fine Art of the Modern Professional

Book by Stephen Covey, Tom Hopkins, and Brian Tracy

As a featured interview in Bushido Business: The Fine Art of the Modern Professional, Tom Searcy provides additional insights into landing the key accounts that can intensify your business growth.

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