Hunting Big Sales with Tom Searcy

Stay bold!

Guest Faculty post by Tim Searcy

Goethe (dead, famous German guy) once said “Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.”

If you have been talking about hunting your biggest deal, or changing your sales culture to “hunt big,” you have to be bold.  Four concepts we will need to keep in mind to achieve bold goals:

  1. The goal has to be accepted as a great idea and everyone has to be unanimously behind it.
  2. That’s right.  If leadership can’t get behind the bold goal, then this is the wrong company for you.  If everyone can jump on the bus, it will be a helluva ride!  Almost every person that I have worked with in the past during these burst periods reminisces with tremendous reverence for what a small band of intrepid workers was able to produce.
  3. We cannot forget what brought us this far. Change is hard, and sometimes we try to burn down the village to build the city. In reality, there are business practices, cultural norms and people that got the firm to where it is. It is crucial that as we strive toward the bold goals, that we not lose the valuable past in the process. Pick the things that make sense, and hold them close while the struggle towards boldness continues.
  4. We can’t go much further keeping the status quo. The bar of adequacy just keeps advancing.  Simply put, clients’ expectations and that of the marketplace continue to rise and their demands for improvement at the same financial rate or better continues undeterred.  To be a market leader, we can’t just be adequate.  We must continue to invest and improve in our service offering and professional development.

Three truisms that are worth repeating to yourself in this time of boldness:

  • The best business is the business we choose not to do, so we stay focused on doing things that we do well.
  • Organizations are designed perfectly to get the outcomes they achieve. If you don’t like your outcomes, you may have to change your organizational design.
  • Talent is the capacity for a near perfect performance according to Gallup.  Based upon this, I believe leadership is the ability to get the capacity out of the talent.

With a tip of my chapeau to the “most interesting man in the world”, I would just like to say stay bold my friends!


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