Re-Design Your Process

Big Sale Factory Level 1: Building the Machine

This is the foundational course introducing the core concepts, methodologies and tools to re-design your sales process and build your Big Sale Factory to begin landing large accounts. This session is attended by the executive team; for many companies this would include: CEO/President, COO, CMO, CFO and VP of Sales. The 4 key elements to your large account acquisition strategy developed in this course are:

  • Prospect Screen: a tool to filter your prospects through to identify only those ideal opportunities for your company to target
  • Executive Sponsor: a messaging strategy to secure an executive sponsor within each prospect company
  • Big Sale Factory Sales Process: a stage-gate process to acquire large accounts
  • Dashboard: a clear dashboard providing transparency to the sales pipeline

Following the 2-day workshop, the executive team will go back and begin implementing the prospect scan with their sales team’s leads and evaluate the current pipeline against it. They will work with marketing and the sales team to realign and refine messaging. While they begin introducing these concepts and implementing these elements into the current pipeline, they will be preparing their sales team to attend the Big Sale Factory User’s Course. Throughout this time they will have bi-weekly calls with their dedicated coach who will help guide them through this crucial initial implementation period.

2015 Training Event Dates

  • February 25-26
  • April 22-23
  • August 5 -6
  • September 23-24
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