As you go through the Hunt Big Sales Academy, you’ve discovered the need for new sales artifacts – new tools to help you sell in a new way. But, if you’re like many growing companies, you are not exactly sure how to create the artifacts you need.

This program will change that.

Attendees of Artifactory will:

  • Learn how artifacts reduce fears in the selling process
  • Create Five artifacts aligned to your business
  • Integrate your artifacts into your Big Sale Factory process at proper points to increase speed to close
  • Discover how to address buyer fear
  • Understand the formula for creating additional effective artifacts in the future
  • Extend the learning process through five follow-up webinars after the workshop
  • Provide tools and framework to build your executive-level story
  • Discover the differences between the need conversation, credential conversation, solution conversation, and how to leverage each

Course Details

Artifactory : Tools Workshop

Addressing your prospects’ fears is a critical element in key account sales. Artifacts, or sales tools, are one of the most effective ways in eliminating the fears of key accounts. This two day course will help your team develop the five top artifacts that your company needs.

Artifactory : Conversations Workshop

It is important to center your conversations around the needs of the executive—solutions around time, money, and risk. This workshop provides the framework and structure for your company to successfully build these conversations and polish your story.

This workshop is intended for small teams of 2-4 members from each company or unique sales division. We recommend you include the head of sales, marketing, and operations as well as a strong key account sales person.

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