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Hunt Big Sales Academy

The HBS Academy provides a structured and integrated process for your organization to successfully sell and close very large customers as well as significantly grow the revenues of current customers. We can help your company double its revenues within 3-­‐5 years by:

  • Redesigning your company’s sales process
  • Equipping your sales and leadership team with new tools and messages for selling larger accounts
  • Supporting the implementation of these processes in your marketplace with real prospects and customers

This is not just skills training or changing your messages. This is a new way to execute a sales process for predictable, yet explosive, growth.

Specifically Designed B2B Sales Training

The HBS Academy is built for business-­‐to-­‐business focused companies who wish to quickly double their revenue by landing larger customers on a regular basis following a replicable process. Just some of the industries that have utilized the program include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • High-­‐Level Tech
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
  • Suppliers
  • Professional Services

Over 700 companies have used the program to land over $8 Billion in new sales.

Integrate Your Entire Organization into the Steps of the Sales Process

In order to generate this new, explosive growth, you’ll need a different management approach to the sales process and people than you’ve used in the past. A cultural change in your company is required. You’ll need:

  • Executive participation in the design of the new process
  • Executive support for the process implementation
  • Organizational support from non-­‐sales people to participate in the sales process

Measure Your Sales Success with Performance Milestones

The full implementation of the core program takes a year, but there are progress milestones:

  • 30 Days – Full system design and active implementation with targeted accounts
  • 120 Days – Measurable sales progress on large accounts
  • 180 Days – Culture change in your organization including behaviors, lexicon and identified sales behaviors
  • 240 Days – Presentations and proposals for large accounts
  • 365 Days – At least one large account landed through use of the process

Due to the consistent and predictable outcome of this process, you should expect to exceed your current rate of landing large accounts by 1-­‐5 additional accounts per year, measured over 3 years.

Breakdown of the HBS Academy Training Program Program Training Events

Over the course of the year there are three separate, two-­‐day events for your team.

  1. Re-­Design Your Process – This first program will re-­‐build your sales process for landing large accounts. The outcome will be a step-­‐by-­‐step process including messages, roles and responsibilities, as well as an actionable performance dashboard for selling your large accounts. Hear Tom Searcy tell you how this
  2. Build Your Deal Strategy – Using a proven process for analyzing and planning for all of the components of a large sale opportunity, you will be able to implement this method and execute it over and over to achieve a winning sales strategy for your largest accounts.
  3. Grow Your Current Accounts– This process and the tools that go with it are utilized specifically for current customers, with high-­‐growth opportunity, who have “stalled.” By using this tool and process, customers who have not grown for 6-­‐12 months will grow by 40% within six months. These events are held at our facility in Indianapolis with a small number of other companies. Your dedicated coach is present at these events to go through the design and development process with you.

Progress Tracking

Participants in the HBS Academy receive licenses to the HBS Pipeline Management Tool. This is an online system that can either stand-­‐alone or integrate with your current CRM system. It is designed to map directly to the lessons in your trainings, as well as coordinate with our content management system so that you have access to the tips, tools and templates that apply to the stages in your sales process.

Implementation Coaching

Each company in the HBS Academy is assigned a dedicated coach who works with you throughout the year for successful implementation of the overall program. In addition to participating with you during the Program Training Events, you will have coaching calls every other week through the year. Because our desire is that you not only develop a better system, but more importantly you sell larger accounts, your coach is also available as needed for additional calls and sessions throughout your big hunts.

Ongoing Academy Support

  1. Users Session – Once your process is designed, you will want to have other members of your company become trained to the system. New hires will need to be oriented to the system. For these additional personnel, we provide a one-­‐ day users session that trains them on the overall program focusing on your specific sales process you develop in the Program Training Events.
  2. Sales Leadership Development – One of the most underdeveloped roles in sales organizations is the role of sales leaders. Through two development sessions and ongoing call coaching, we work with the sales leader to develop the core strategies and execution to get maximum sales performance from the sales process and team.
  3. Training Tools – business growth videos, tips, tools, and templates. These materials are accessed through the online content management system you receive access to.

After Program Support for Continued Sales Success

Following completion of the core academy program, there is additional support programs available to help you further implement and sustain your new processes and systems.

  1. Sales Skills Development
  2. Sales Tools
  3. Academy Coaching Programs

Stop Playing Catch-­Up in Today’s Complex Sales Process

The buying process in your marketplace has changed, which is why the sales process must change. Some of the reasons successful sales processes require more non-­‐sales people through the selling process include:

  • More people are involved in the buying process
  • More data is being required
  • More departments, like finance and compliance, are involved
  • Longer timeframes for purchasing decisions

Just two of the things you need for success are:

  1. New methods for gathering information
  2. New messaging, strategies and sales tools to comply with the buyer’s process and overcoming objections from various organization participants

By not understanding the implications of these market-­‐wide changes, and responding accordingly, you will be playing catch-­‐up for years to come.

The marketplace has changed, the buying process has changed…will your company change with it?

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