Learn How to Close Large Accounts at 4X The Rate of Typical Companies

Give your entire organization the processes and accountability necessary for explosive growth

Organizations who want to grow at a rate that is double or triple the rate of their competitors must first realize two critical factors:

  • They must change the way they message. They can no longer take similar messages to the market as their competitors and gain the attention of jaded and busy buyers.
  • They must change the way they sell. Why? Because today’s buyers are using a different process for buying that involves more people, more process steps and more information

Hunting and landing large key accounts is a mindset, a way of life. It takes specific tools and know-how to put a transformational process in place. Yet, when used correctly, it will dramatically increase your revenues. That’s exactly what Hunt Big Sales helps you do.

The Hunt Big Sales Academy

Hunt Big Sales Academy

  • For Companies between the $10M and $250M revenue range
  • Double the size of your company in less than 3-­‐5 years
  • Find the contact point of entry for those transformational accounts
  • Close deals at 4x the rate of typical companies
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities necessary for today’s redefined sales process

Private Sales Consulting for Generating More Revenue

For clients that have hit the proverbial growth plateau and are looking for their next trajectory of growth, we have private consulting options

  • Private workshops facilitated by one of our Hunt Big Sales Consultants
  • Support and implementation of workshop learning’s over the length of contract
  • Customized materials and content for each session/ workshop

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