Strengthening Your 4 Pillars for Growth

Based on his background of growing four organizations from startup or less than $10 million to more than $200 million, each in less than five years, Tom Searcy uniquely understands the foundation for an organization to grow explosively.

Using his own experience as well as working with more than 200 companies Tom has refined this methodology into a clear, interactive presentation to help companies prepare for and manage explosive growth during uncertain times.

Key issues covered include:

  • Understanding your explosive growth capacity
  • Operational, financial, cultural and sales pillars
  • Best practices of companies who have been able to generate and sustain explosive growth

Using an accompanying workbook, members will have developed a clear analysis of their four growth pillars; operational, financial, cultural and sales. They will be able to set forth a 90-day plan for rapidly increasing the capacity of the specific areas in their companies that require the greatest amount of improvement to allow for explosive growth.

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