RFPs Suck!

This keynote pulls back the curtain on the RFP system—a system we all know that has been stacked again small companies from the start—and shows attendees that strategies need to beat it and find explosive business growth while doing it. These strategies let companies quickly identify which RFPs are worth pursuing and which should be avoided like the plague.

Attendees will learn:

  • The critical 10% that can decide the fate of your RFP
  • The 12 red flags of a bad RFP
  • The five ways to effectively “break” an RFP

This keynote will challenge attendees to think about RFPs in a whole new way. They will stop wasting resources on RFPs they will never win and start spending them on the ones they are actually going to win. This may be the most important hour anyone spends on strengthening ROI this year!

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