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It’s not about pep talks or going over the basics. It’s about explosive results and transforming your business on every level. As  the leading expert in business growth through landing large, key accounts,  Tom Searcy has made a career out of explosive growth, and can provide both the processes and the tools to get your audience there too.

  • Nationally recognized author, speaker, and foremost expert in large account sales
  • Transformed annual revenues of 4 companies from less than $15M to more than $100M (all by the age of 40)
  • Clients have landed more than $8 Billion in new sales including 7+ figure deals with 190 of the Fortune 500 companies including 3M, Chase Bank, Disney, AT&T and Apple
  • Member of Million Dollar Speakers Club for the National Speakers Association

Keynote Topics

How to Land Big Sales- Growing your revenues at an explosive rate can be as manageable, predictable and consistent as any other of your production and service processes. With the right strategy, process and execution, you can “double your double” – double the speed with which you double the size of your company.

The 3M’s of 10x Growth- With the right mindset, optimized mechanics and a little magic, your company has the ability to win big sales, even against much larger competition. This keynote shows you how to reach the real decision-makers along with knowing, not guessing, what your chance is of winning those big deals.

RFPs Suck!- See the curtain pulled back on the RFP system—a system stacked against smaller companies—and learn the strategies needed to beat it… plus find explosive growth in the process!

Strengthening Your 4 Pillars for Growth-Using their experiences of working with over 1000 companies, Hunt Big Sales has refined the methodology for an organization to grow explosively while maintaining and strengthening the four pillars of a business: sales, culture, finance and operations.

How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett –Deals can be buying, selling, merging or building alliances – using lessons from Buffett for closing your deals whether they are six, seven, eight or nine figures in size – this road map works.

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What Clients are Saying…

As a Speaker, Tom came out with great energy and delivery. I was really impressed with his knowledge about our industry and how targeted his discussion was to the audience. Tom has it all, delivery, passion and ability to customize to the audience. Of all the speakers I have booked over the last 5 years, this is the first time that one speaker has given value to 98% of the conference attendees.

Greg Cater
Western Candy Board of Directors

Selling big deals business to business these days moves beyond the front line sales team. Hunting Big Sales provides the fresh perspective, & new attitude needed for senior management to support the effort and close the deal. Tom showed us how to move past the “darn near done deal!” Great takeaway as well as entertaining!

Cindy Brooks
Vice President Adams & Brooks Inc.

I had the great pleasure of attending Tom’s talk “How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffet: Lessons from the World’s Greatest Dealmaker” at The Western Candy Conference in Carmel, CA. Tom was extremely enjoyable as he captured the audience with his ideas and methods in an enlightening and inspiring way. I look forward to implementing what I learned!

Mark Tuerffs
President & CEO, S&S Flavors, Inc.

Many thanks for your presentation in Seattle! It was terrific and we will no doubt be talking about and implementing many of the smart ideas that you presented in the future! We will also be subscribing to your newsletter, ordering your book and in short, we drank your Kool-Aid! Great to meet you and thanks again!

Sharon Linhart
Managing Partner, APR

If you’re ready to revolutionize the way your attendees do business, contact Hunt Big Sales directly at (317) 816-4327 or contact us.