How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett Seminar

One Hour Seminar Presented by Tom Searcy


Closing deals has gotten harder in the current economy, but it’s essential to growing your company. Many seasoned business owners know this, but are stymied by the roadblocks that have kept their customers from saying yes. This video is a recording of a live seminar Tom gave for the Gazelles Growth Institute. Gazelles Growth Institute (GGI) provides executive education to executives of fast growing firms through a unique platform that links students to contemporary theories taught by renowned thought leaders and a guided implementation by a business coach.

In this seminar Tom gives with an accompanying PowerPoint based on the principles of his new book, he will enable you to apply the strategies that helped Warren Buffet build legendary wealth to your own business. Among the lessons:

  • Best ways to prepare your company for giant opportunities
  • Secrets for understanding the motivations of your customers and prospects
  • Strategies for turning negotiations in your favor
  • How your willingness to act immediately can alter the fate of a deal

No company can grow today without strong sales. This seminar is a crash course in what you need to know to outsell the competition.