RFPs Suck! Webinar

RFPs are a very significant effort on the part of most professional organizations seeking sizable contracts in both the public bid and private contract marketplace. Although they are intended to provide an objective way for evaluating potential service providers and contractors, in fact they are inefficient, ineffective and in some cases potentially detrimental. This webinar peels back the veneer of the process to provide insights into how the processes are designed in order to develop strategies to win in these competitive processes.

Learning objectives include:

  • Don’t Answer RFPs: This objective teaches you the key indicators identifying when you should or should not respond to an RFP.
  • Answer to Win, not to answer: This objective discusses the strategy for the compelling back story to the RFP versus a cut and paste response.
  • Write for your reader: This objective identifies the types of readers and the questions they need answered by your response in order for you to win.
  • Break the RFP: This objective discusses the strategies by which you can gain an advantage over your competition to win.

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