Four Power Tips for Asking Better Questions

4 Power Tips for Asking Better QuestionsNo matter what you’re selling, no matter who you’re selling to, there’s a point in that sales process where you and your team simply need more information. What is this company really looking for in a new provider? Where did the previous service provider make then mistake? What gap am I able to fill that others are not?

Many times, information is what makes the difference between being the winner of a deal and a loser of the deal. But in order for you to get the information that will push you to the top, you not only have to ask better questions, but you have to do it in a way that makes your prospect feel comfortable.

This e-Book explores Tom Searcy’s top four tips on how to go about getting that information without making it seem like a shakedown. Get the advice you need right from the experts.

Start your deals off the right way. With the right questions.

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