Don Searcy

VP Operations, Hunt Big Sales

Carajane Moore

Don Searcy has over 40 years of executive management, engineering, sales, and marketing experience.  An engineering degree from Iowa State University combined with experience with industry leaders such as Procter & Gamble and Hallmark Cards have provided him a corporate view of American industry.

In addition, assignments in plant, packaging, and industrial engineering and plant management have helped him to appreciate the challenges and needs of plant manufacturing personnel.  His experience as CEO of two companies and general manager of North American operations for an international company has provided him with an additional perspective—that of top management.

Finally, Don has spent 20 years working with and developing sales people and manufacturer’s representatives as well as building his own manufacturer’s representative business selling robots, lasers, and packaging technology.

Don works with his son, Tom, at Hunt Big Sales where he facilitates and documents many of the Hunt Big Sales programs.

This wide range of experience in all levels of management and sales makes Mr. Searcy a knowledgeable and fascinating member of the Hunt Big Sales team who injects a wealth of personal experience into his presentations.

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