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Congratulations to our clients and friends!

We believe it’s important to keep score…

Because our business revenue cycles run in four-month increments, we count on the trimester and we just finished our counting.

Using the HBS system, strategies and techniques for large account selling, our clients and friends have closed $171,000,000 in new business in the first four months of the year! That is fantastic and we want to say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who landed big new deals in this first trimester! There were new sales from $100,000 in the list all the way to just over $100,000,000, a very broad range indeed. This new addition brings the system’s total to over $2.6 Billion in new sales!

We want to get better at keeping score, so we are reaching out to the readers of this blog, the website, Twitter and my newsletter to let us know when you land a deal and feel that in any way our system, thoughts and approaches have aided in winning that new sale. Send me an email letting me know what you landed and how big it is to your company. We will then add you to the score.

Again, congratulations to the big hunters in this first trimester! Listen to the podcasts in the upcoming months because some of the people who have landed the big deals, including the $100M+ deal, will be featured.

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Review: The 4-Hour Work Week

I want to be rich….no, that’s not it–I’m already rich. So are you–no matter how much you own or earn, you are still in the top 5% of the planet and you know it. Want to talk about a financial crisis? How about the 50%+ of the planet who are sorting out cooking fire fuel, clean water and food for their 1 meal today? THAT is a financial crisis…

Let me start over- I want to be FREE–that’s it. That’s what I want, and so do you.

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Best Sales Movies…Ever.

If you spend much time with sales people there is always the scene-referencing-line-quoting-bad-impersonating portion of the conversation. Every conversation. Certain company cultures are rampant with it.  So, let’s embrace that part of our shared consciousness.

Your challenge:   what are the best sales movies ever? 

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