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Business Communication for the Digitally Paranoid

I just read a great article on business communication in the April 25- May 1 edition of “Bloomberg Businessweek” titled “The Goldman Rules.”

The article addresses the very specific policies that Goldman Sachs follows when communicating, internally, with clients and externally. For companies like ours, let me highlight just a few from the article with my own comments:

Rule 1: Don’t Ever Make Us Look Bad – Simple idea is that as an employee of ours, your words are in effect our words. This means casual comments, inappropriate posts on FB, off-color jokes don’t just reflect on you, they reflect on the company.

Rule 7: “Don’t Forget, We’re Always Watching You” – Intellectual property (as well as  brand equity) doesn’t leave the offices in briefcases any more, they walk out in cell phones, emails and embedded files. It is appropriate to have a clear understanding of how information is managed as well as monitored. I used to think the greatest danger came from malice. I now know just as much danger can come from carelessness.

Rule 9: “To All…” emails – Every “To All…” email has to be approved. Fair enough. I like the idea that the same should apply to the distribution sizes of “To Most…” or “To Many…” Having a policy on widely distributed communication is just common sense. What is your company policy on emails? If there are more than a certain number of people copied, does it require approval? Is there a guideline to keep the CYA trash out of your company email?

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The Best Social Media Sites for Salespeople

Recently I was interviewed by Paul Diamond from the Vistage organization. We discussed the vast array of social media sites for salespeople and the fact that there are a lot of these sites out there, but not all of them are good. I think that Paul’s take on the topic and what he uncovered in his research is helpful. Check out his blog post on the topic on

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Introducing: My Best Blogs

Hi All,

Just a quick housekeeping item for you: I’ve introduced the “My Best Blogs” archive. Reason being, I constantly find myself having to dig for oldies-but-goodies that I think would be great for driving home various point to sales teams. But digging these things out all the time is a waste of time, so I’ve decided to get organized. My Best Blogs contains an easy-to-navigate list of some of my favorite and most frequently-requested blog posts and guest posts, organized loosely by topic category.

If you notice any glaring ommissions, please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!

– Tom

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I’m on Twitter, but I’m not annoying.

I think we can all agree that people who update their Twitter statuses 100+ times/day are A) annoying, B) abusing the platform, and C) not possibly getting any work done.

What’s even worse is that the thought of un-following them makes you feel guilty, when really, they should feel guilty about taking over your entire feed. Ah, the dilemma…

Well, I’m proud to announce that I’m not one of these people. As I get started on my new book about customizing your sales process to work hand-in-hand with social media marketing initiatives, I’ll be using Twitter as a means of sharing brief tips and anecdotes. I’ll also be updating whenever we put out new free sales tools—podcasts, e-books, and webinars—as well as offer information about new workshops and speaking engagements. I might even alert you to a great article I’ve read that I think you might also enjoy. If this is the type of stuff you’re interested in, feel free to follow me at Of course, you’ll still get my more substantial posts here.

And as a promise to you, here’s a list of things I can assure you I WON’T be writing about on Twitter:

• My trip to the drug store to get cold medicine
• My new haircut—a little too short, but it will grow!
• My daughter’s day home from school
• Rising and falling gas prices in a city you don’t live in
• The fact that I don’t like vegetables that start with a ‘b’
• My new stapler (check out that ergonomic grip!)
• The number of people following me—“Hey everyone, I’ve got 22 followers.

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The Deal of the Month Podcast Series: The Road to Social Networking Success

We have a very special program for this edition of “The Deal of the Month Podcast Series.” In fact, it’s not actually a deal at all. (And I’m sure I’m making some sort of Internet violation by setting up a format for a regular program and then breaking it almost immediately.) Regardless, this was too good to wait.

Steve Hershberger is a visionary in the social networking space. As President of ComBlu, Steve creates the social networking architecture for companies like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Best Buy and many others. He also serves as a chief advisor to LinkedIn, one of the most popular executive social networking sites out there. I was able to get a little bit of his time and have him illuminate the future of social networking and how sales professionals are shaping that future, as well as best practices that lead to social networking successes.

Click here to access the Podcast Series.

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Rules of Engagement: Social Networking

Guest post by Tim Searcy

When I grew up, social networking was code for cocktails at 5:30 PM. Now I find out that it’s code for just about anything and everything digital that brings disparate individuals and groups together: blog postings, topic-based forums and many other platforms I’m just now getting my head wrapped around.

My friend and colleague Azlin Happley sent the old timers in the office some clear rules of engagement for Social Networking, and I thought it would be nice to let you weigh in as well. She is classified into whatever the sociologists call the most recent generation, and I trust her knowledge of the technology that makes me go “WOW!”

Social networking is often about reading a lot of postings, and carefully selecting the person that you want to engage in conversation. However, instead of the blast nature of some other forms of marketing, you have to be very one-on-one when the promise is a one-to-one relationship. This means you will have to e-mail the person you want to connect with, and this is where it can get hairy…

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