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4 Tips for Using Social Media to Sell


You can use social media to land a sale–but only if you’re following these key principles.

I just celebrated my 100th discussion on the same topic with the same client. We talked yet again about selling and social media. Before your eyes glaze over, let me quickly add that the conversation ended with a meaningful shift in point of view for me. I’ve decided that the idea becomes much more valuable if I look at it as “social selling” rather than “social media.”

In Matt Heinz’ book, Successful Social Selling, he helps turn the social media noise into real strategies. I called him, and learned four key principles from the discussion:

1. Getting more “followers” is not a goal.

There is an implied causal link between “followers” or “likes” and real sales activity. However, that link has low correlational accuracy. Most people are talking about themselves and hoping you’re listening. Coupons, special offers, and event postings may get some strong responses from people who are already transactional customers. But if the goal is to get qualified prospects, then you need different metrics for judging the success of your social selling.

2. Connection is not engagement.

Social selling is about engagement and that comes from effective interaction. Posting material in any form and simply waiting for your connections to respond is not engagement. What are they posting that you are responding to? Learn from those interactions. You can’t sell if you’re just pushing messages and your expertise.

3. Buyers signal by declaring problems.

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What if they Google me?

Follow these rules to ensure your business ranks high in online searches

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7 Things You May Be Getting Wrong on LinkedIn

Most professionals use the social networking site in some capacity–but one expert says they’re making a lot of mistakes.

Today, LinkedIn is the No. 1 social media platform for professionals. Estimates of professional participation in LinkedIn are as high as 83%.

But when I talked to one of my friends–social media expert Alexandra Gibson from OttoPilot Media–she told me that she sees too many professionals making a lot of mistakes. Here are the seven she sees most often.

1. You only use it if you need a job. I can usually tell when my friends are on the job prowl because all of a sudden, a barely existent LinkedIn profile is revived. The truth is that you’ll be much better served by keeping your profile and connections current, rather than just reaching out to people when you need something.

2. You have an incomplete profile. A bare-bones profile does not do you (or your company) any favors. Add all important companies and a description of the results you achieved in the past. Don’t forget to optimize your profile for search–creating a keyword rich profile will help people find you and your company.

3. You don’t belong to the right groups. There are more groups out there than there are seconds in a day, so it can be difficult to decide which are most important. If you join no other groups, join your alumni groups (college, prep school, grad school, fraternity or sorority). Industry groups–both for your own company and your major customer market segments–are a clear next step.

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How to Write a Killer Company Blog

When it comes to giving the world insight into your business, nothing beats a great blog. It can also help grow your business.

I started writing blogs six years ago because I was told it would help my business. It didn’t do a thing for my business. I just started writing and expected good things to happen…wasn’t that what I read to do in all of the articles?

In the last few years, however, blogging has been really productive for my business. I have landed a book-publishing contract, speaking engagements, new product customers and consulting clients, tested marketing ideas and gotten great business feedback– all from my blog.

What changed? Along the way, I got some great advice on blogging from social media experts that turned this activity into a real business opportunity. Here are five things I have learned that helped turn blogging into business for me:

1. Who are you writing for? You can’t write for everyone. When I read Seth Godin’s bookAll Marketers Are Liars,  he talked about the need to write for the edge of the audience rather than down what might be characterized as “vanilla middle.” When I write, I think about specific people. What size of company they have, how old they are, what stage of business development they’re in and what challenges they might be facing. My audience fits into a bandwidth of people. Each blog might be written for a different sliver of that bandwidth, but I try to write in the bandwidth, rather than writing for general business readers.

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7 easy tips for improving your email

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10 website sins every business should avoid

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The silent killer: Your inbox

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3 tips to make your digital profile look good

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