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Overcome the fear factor

Prospects make purchase decisions based in part on what they can sell now and defend later

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How to foil the bogus ‘expert’

What to do when a prospect’s in-house guru threatens to stop your proposal in its tracks

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Be ruthless about preparation

How to manage your sales team’s eleventh-hour fear, panic, and frustration

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How to win a fight in sales

What to do when someone on the other side of the negotiating table gets hostile

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Workplace dispute? Try mediation

Turning to a professional mediator can save time and money when sales contracts go bad — and your peace of mind

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A cure for toxic salesperson syndrome

The sales world is full of jerks, but psychologist Dr. Bruce Heller says they can be rehabilitated

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How businesses can get seen, heard, and admired

Companies should make a priority of raising their visibility in the media and in their market

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How not to lose that big deal you just won

Landing a big contract is the beginning, not the end, of the sales process

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Gaining commitment

Commitment can be gained from customers when they can see the road map and how they will transition once the contract is signed

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The truth about liars

There are times when prospects might not be telling the truth about their position in negotiations – here are the red flags and how to approach them

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